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Navigating the peaks of English proficiency – mastering Advanced levels, conquering C1 Advanced (CAE), or achieving the pinnacle of C2 Proficiency (CPE) – yet sensing a void obstructing your continual progress? The prospect of revisiting textbooks lacks allure, yet maintaining linguistic prowess is imperative for your journey.

Imagine commencing your English learning odyssey with a native speaker, only to encounter a plateau where topics seem exhausted. Perusing lackluster PowerPoint presentations, even for the instructor, becomes a monotonous ritual. The vocabulary employed is confined, repetitive, devoid of the dynamic quality you crave.

Fatigued by the relentless pursuit of correctness in assignments, you yearn for unscripted conversation. However, pre-set topics or the onus of crafting your own discussion points fail to captivate. Political or sociocultural dialogues fail to kindle interest, leaving you uninspired after what should be a fruitful session.

For English educators seeking that extra spark in classes and conversation clubs, the solution emerges – Grandomastery.

Could Grandomastery be your gateway to linguistic advancement?

Grandomastery, an edutainment haven, harbors a vast array of meticulously crafted exercises designed to elevate integrative thinking. Tailored for proficiency levels from B2 to C2, it transcends the conventional – it's not just a platform; it's the pivotal link propelling your language journey forward. Discover the transformative power of Grandomastery in redefining your English language odyssey.


Integrative thinking is the ability to find connections between seemingly diametrically opposite concepts through the application of bisociation and synectics principles. Grandomastery sessions can also be beneficial for those honing coherence and cohesion in oral communication, crucial skills for succeeding in international exams such as IELTS and PTE, or navigating job interviews with unconventional, creative questions. In essence, Grandomastery offers tens of thousands of engaging and non-trivial tasks, primarily tailored for C1-C2 levels; however, if you are at the Intermediate+ level, regular Grandomastery practice is equally valuable. The duration of an individual session is 60 minutes. Sessions are conducted individually, but you can assemble a small group of like-minded individuals and colleagues. Grandomastery sessions primarily take place via Skype, Discord, Google Meet, or any other platform of your choice that allows screen sharing.

Do you have any questions or anything specific you need to know about Grandomastery? Please get in touch:

You can also enroll in a quick webinar and even invite your friends and colleagues to join. Unlike the majority of webinars where participants take on a passive role as listeners, in Grandomastery's webinar, you'll play an active role as a grandmaster. You'll have the opportunity to practice your spoken English and enhance your integrative thinking skills right from the very first free webinar. Grandomastery platform is CPD accredited, so upon completion of the training, you can receive a certificate through the Accredible system, allowing you to automatically add a verified certificate to your LinkedIn and other services. English language teachers can also obtain a free certificate in teaching integrative thinking in English from Grandomastery, an organization accredited by CPD.

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