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In order to solve a problem, we must confront constructively the tension between opposing ideas and, rather than choosing one over the other, develop a new concept that combines elements of both opposing views but is superior to both.

Integrative Thinking has been developed over a decade and has made an impact in classrooms - on instructional design, skill development, and teacher pedagogy. Grandomastery is a free platform that provides teachers and students with ways to engage in Integrative Thinking and problem solving, as well as helping them navigate the complexity of real-world problems.

An integral approach begins with an awareness of other viewpoints, even those that may conflict with our own. Problem solvers can gain insight into the value of opposing models from multiple perspectives when they adopt this mindset. 
Grandomastery Platform helps problem solvers sense tensions and reframe the problem in a new light. Problem solvers can examine possibilities and iterate on prototype solutions with a clearer perspective. Activities in the Grandomastery Integrative Thinking program provide a framework for thought, guiding thinkers toward fresh results.

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