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About ESL Treasures

ESL Treasures is a project designed to uncover hidden and under-used web resources intended for both learners and teachers of English. While the term ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) has recently started to replace ESL (English as a Second Language), the latter is still a widely recognizable term for many people, regardless of the learning situation or location. The term ELL (English Language Learner) is also gaining popularity, but the vast majority of relevant online resources can still be found under the ESL abbreviation. We have therefore named the project ESL Treasures – in spite of the risk of appearing to be less up-to-date - on account of the established and all-encompassing nature of the term. ESL allows for the inclusion of the greatest possible number of resources, including many which may have already been unjustly forgotten with the advent of Web 2.0 and, more particularly, Web 3.0. 
The mission of ESL Treasures is to make it possible for everyone involved in the ESOL and EFL fields to discover, track and utilize some lesser-know online tools by simply browsing the resources listed below. The ESL Treasures Expert Panel monitors the websites regularly to ensure they are still online, relevant and fully-functional. 

We wish to encourage all ESOL/EFL website owners and content creators who are seeking larger audiences to submit their webpages to ESL Treasures. After appraising your site to ensure it is fully-functional and useful for ELLs or educators, the Expert Panel will add it to the ESL Treasures website collection and issue you with an ESL Treasures Award Badge. ESOL accreditation by ESL treasures is free. This can then be posted on your site, social media page, or on any other publicized materials, to draw attention to and increase the status of your project. 

About ESL Treasures

ESL Treasures Collection

ESL Treasurs Collection

Expert Panel

The Expert Panel consists of those experienced in TESOL/TEFL teaching methodologies, tool design, programming and content quality analysis. Websites are usually reviewed and accepted within a day of submission, and you can apply now free of charge. We are aware that there may be projects lacking Web 3.0 appearance and functionality, or that may not be directly related to the ESOL field, that may still provide useful content for both learners and teachers. Seemingly unrelated reference materials, podcasts or reading resources may prove to be useful tools within an educational setting. We have purposefully excluded some well-known websites that are common features of the ESOL landscape, and that cannot be classed as hidden ESL Treasures. Nevertheless, some of the listed resources may still be familiar to almost all learners and teachers of English - these have been included in recognition of their established and fundamental value. In addition, we have intentionally excluded Android and iOS applications due to their relatively limited scope and lack of cross-platform functionality. The majority of the resources endorsed by ESL Treasures are intended to be used through screen-sharing during online interactions, or by displaying them on large screens in classroom settings. As a result, websites are considered to be the most versatile and universally-applicable resource.

Expert Panel
Submit Website

Submit your website

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After submission, you may receive a certificate from the ESL Treasures Team, which you are free to share on social media or any other platform of your choice. 

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Additionally we invite you to submit articles showcasing your product, yourself, or any relevant content—all for free!

Unlike other platforms, we wholeheartedly embrace commercial content and actively encourage submissions about your company, project, or anything else you desire. Your content will be prominently featured on the Grandomastery blog, recognized as one of the top five educational blogs by

Why choose us for submission? It perfectly aligns with our Grandomastery concept, demonstrating the interconnectedness of the world. Rest assured, your submitted article will be relevant, and we're open to necessary improvements.

Even if your material is generated by ChatGPT, we'll transform it into a compelling post with your approval. Additionally, we offer the option to share your post on LinkedIn (with over 8000 followers) and Instagram (with over 1200 users).

To submit your material, reach out to us at or use the provided form, and we'll promptly get in touch with you. Remember, article submission, website submission (also eligible for ESL Treasures list), and post submission are completely free! Join us in promoting ESL, ELT, TESOL, and TEFL content.

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