We are delighted to introduce you to our tutors who have fully embraced the grandomastery concept. You could simply get in touch with them directly so that you could decide together how much grandomastery you would like to get introduced into your classes. Our trainers and tutors are open to anything that will improve your language competencies, creativity skills and integrative thinking aptitude.

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Nationality: South African

Info: Native English speaker

Experience: I have more than 20 years experience in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry through 50 countries. This included teaching english in a functional and easy way, including in communities where there has been very little formal education of any description.

I understand the feeling of achievement when one has learnt and improved a new language and my objective is to give to as many persons as I can, the opportunity to see those rewards for themselves.

Quoad Grandomastery: Grandomastery helps students think outside the box i.e. the type of random situations they’re likely to encounter when using their new language. Grandomastery ensures that the learning material is always fresh and challenging enough. 


  • First hour free to discuss objectives and goals;

  • 1-on-1 classes online;

  •  learn and practice English at your own pace and frequency/week that suits your timetable;

  • Price: US$20 per hour - discount on packages of 5 classes or more.  The price is per person. Please ask about prices for more than one person per class - maximum 4 people per class

Contact: email 

Nationality: Iranian

Info: Non-native English Teacher

BA: English Language and Literature
MA: Teaching English as a Foreign Language ( TEFL) 

Experience: I have about 17 years of experience in Teaching English as a foreign language to children, teenagers and adults from elementary level to advanced level. Having studied English Language and Literature, I focused on my career as an EFL teacher. Most of my students have been teenagers, adults and university students.
Free discussion classes, conversation-only classes, reading famous short stories of world, movie analysis and reviewing them, listening-based classes, developing ideas for writing, what to write and how to write are my interests to work on as an English instructor. 
Being an English teacher has not only given me the chance to improve myself as a human being, but also it has guided me how to broaden my knowledge, my understanding of the life and my abilities in relationship with people around the world. However, the best part of being a teacher, I must confess, is that there is nothing more enjoyable than observing people develop, try and, finally accomplish for what they wish for, which is Learning English.

Quoad Grandomastery: The training process in Grandomastery is centered on inducing creativity and problem-solving methods for our learners. On Grandomastery, every answer is never incorrect, which allows our students to break language barriers and creative blocks.  Grandomastery bridges the gaps among teachers and students all around the world. It creates a platform for learning, speaking and discussing about everything. Grandomastery activates the creativity in limitless and randomised situations. It suits all tastes without any borders.


  • 1-on-1 classes online
    Learn and practice English at your own pace frequency/week that suit your timetable
    Price: $30 per hour, discount and one free online session are negotiable. The price is only for one person. The price is different according to the number of the students. Maximum number: four people. 

  • Online teaching experiences: Classes with students in Turkey and Netherlands.

Contact: email