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Free Article Submission for ESL, EdTech, and Education Enthusiasts!

Are you an expert in ESL, EdTech, creativity, education, or any diverse field? Grandomastery invites you to freely submit articles showcasing your product, yourself, or any relevant content.

Unlike other platforms, we embrace commercial content and actively encourage submissions about your company, project, or anything you desire. Your content will be featured on the Grandomastery blog, recognized as one of the top five educational blogs by

Why submit to us? It aligns with our Grandomastery concept — demonstrating the interconnectedness of the world. We assure that your submitted article will be relevant, and we're open to necessary improvements.

Even if your material is generated by ChatGPT, we'll transform it into a compelling post with your approval. Further, we offer the option to share your post on LinkedIn (with over 8000 followers) and Instagram (with over 1200 users).

Promote yourself! submit your article, submit your resource, submit your website, submit your post! 

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To submit your material, contact us at or use the provided form. We'll promptly get in touch with you. Remember, article submission, website submission (also eligible for ESL Treasures list), and post submission are entirely free! Join us in promoting ESL, ELT, TESOL, and TEFL content.

Explore the limitless possibilities of showcasing your expertise! Sign up and freely submit your articles, posts, or website content to our blog at Grandomastery. Embrace the opportunity to contribute to ESL, ELT, TESOL, and TEFL discussions. Our platform encourages the submission of diverse content, fostering an interconnected community. Join us today in promoting education and creativity. Submit your material and become a valuable part of the Grandomastery network.

Submit your article or resource

Thanks for your submissions, I'll get in touch with you!

In addition to freely submitting your valuable resources and articles, there's an added incentive at Grandomastery – the opportunity to receive a certificate from our CPD accredited training platform. Elevate your expertise in ESL, ELT, TESOL, and TEFL by contributing to our top-ranked educational blog. As a recognized CPD accredited platform, your participation not only contributes to the global exchange of knowledge but also adds a professional development aspect to your profile. Join us in promoting education, creativity, and skill-building. Submit your content today and unlock the potential for both recognition and professional growth through Grandomastery!

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In addition to submitting your promotional article or post at no cost, we also encourage you to take part in ESL Treasures showcase for free and submit your website on ESL Treasures if it holds valuable resources for ESL/EFL learners.

ESL Treasures is a project aimed at uncovering overlooked web resources for both English learners and teachers. While ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) is gaining popularity, ESL (English as a Second Language) remains widely recognized. Despite the emergence of terms like ELL (English Language Learner), ESL Treasures retains its name to encompass a broad range of resources, including those forgotten with the evolution of the internet.

The mission of ESL Treasures is to enable those in ESOL and EFL fields to discover and utilize lesser-known online tools. The ESL Treasures Expert Panel regularly monitors websites to ensure they are relevant and functional.

We encourage ESOL/EFL website owners and content creators to submit their webpages to ESL Treasures. After evaluation by the Expert Panel, functional and useful sites receive an ESL Treasures Award Badge for free accreditation. This badge can be displayed on your site or social media to enhance your project's visibility.

The Expert Panel, comprising experienced individuals in TESOL/TEFL teaching, tool design, programming, and content quality analysis, reviews and accepts websites within a day of submission. We acknowledge the potential value of seemingly unrelated materials and intentionally exclude well-known sites to focus on hidden ESL Treasures. Additionally, we exclude mobile applications to prioritize versatile and universally applicable websites, suitable for screen-sharing in online interactions or displaying in classrooms.

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